STEP Students

Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP) students may apply for aid bridging the two academic years: Summer Quarter which is part of the 2022–2023 academic year, and Autumn/Winter/Spring Quarters 2023–2024. Applicants will be considered for federal, institutional and/or private loans through the University’s Financial Aid Office (FAO).

In addition to the standard federal loans for which most graduate students qualify, STEP students may qualify for either the Dorothy Durfee Avery Forgivable Loan or GSE Forgivable Loan. This may be combined with a federal TEACH Grants, Cal Grant and/or Golden State Teacher Grant based on eligibility.

The combination of all resources available, including federal and private loans, Cal Grants, TEACH Grants, STEP Fellowship funds and outside fellowship funds, may not exceed the individual student cost of attendance for the program.


Use this Budget Sheet as a tool to create your personal budget and make your decision about how much to borrow. The information below is provided to illustrate a typical STEP student’s costs and resources. The cost of attendance figures are based on the parameters for a STEP student entering the program in Summer 2023.

STEP Cost of Attendance
Budget Items On-Campus Summer A/W/S Quarters
Living Expenses (rent/food/personal) 9,025 33,390
Transportation* 1,715 5,730
Books and Supplies 345 540
Cardinal Care Health Insurance** 1,692 7,128
Campus Health Services Fee 241 753
Testing Fees 102 297
Tuition 8,568 45,022
Total Costs $21,688 $92,860

*The transportation allowance for STEP students is higher than for other graduate students in recognition of the travel expenses related to student teaching.

**Cardinal Care is an annual plan (coverage extends through the summer regardless of your enrollment status). The annual cost is captured in Autumn, Winter and Spring charges. See the Vaden website for details.

Sample Financial Aid Package for STEP
Type of Fund Summer A/W/S Quarters
STEP Fellowship* 500 1,500
Avery or GSE Forgivable Loan - 35,000
Federal TEACH Grant/Loan 1,257 3,772
Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan 19,931 20,500
Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan 0 32,088
Total Financial Support $21,688 $92,860
*Fellowship offers are made by the Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE) at the time of admission.
This example is for illustration purposes only.
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