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Dorothy Durfee Avery/GSE Loan

Loan Forgiveness Program

The Avery Forgivable Loan and GSE Forgivable Loan are separate loan programs but share the same loan terms. Both are an institutional loan available only to students in the Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP). If you are eligible for one of these loans it will be offered on your financial aid notification. Funds are limited and students can be offered only one of these loans, not both.

  • $35,000 maximum for the 2024–2025 academic year.
  • The loan will accrue interest at 5.0% during your STEP enrollment, your six-month grace period, and your ten-year repayment period. However, no payments toward principal or interest are due while you are enrolled or during the deferment period while you are teaching in an approved program. Both principal and interest will be forgiven for borrowers who qualify.
  • No Credit Check required. If you are not in default on a prior educational loan, do not owe a repayment of federal grant funds, and meet federal aid eligibility requirements, you will be approved to borrow the loan.

Criteria for Forgiveness

  • STEP graduates teaching in public schools are eligible for forgiveness, and those teaching in private schools that benefit underserved communities will also be considered. Those who teach at schools in foreign countries are not eligible for loan forgiveness. The School of Education will make the final determination of eligibility.
  • You will be required to provide documentation establishing your eligibility every year.
  • The entire amount of the Avery or GSE loan is eligible for forgiveness.
  • 50% of your loan is forgiven after your second year of teaching; the remaining 50% is forgiven after your fourth year.
  • If you do not complete four years of teaching, once you stop teaching you will be required to begin repayment to Stanford.

How to Apply for the Avery or GSE Forgivable Loan

1) Accept Your Loan in Axess

  • If the loan is included in your award you can accept it in AXESS. Under the Student Center tab, in the Finances section, select "Accept/Decline Awards." You can accept the maximum amount, specify a lower amount, or decline the loan.
  • If you have not applied for financial aid, complete the application requirements for STEP students.

2) Complete your Self-Certification Form and Promissory Note

  • You will receive an email from University Accounting Service (UAS) within two business days of accepting your loan in AXESS. If you do not receive an email from UAS, check for your promissory note at UAS Connect.
  • You will be directed to the UAS site and required to create a PIN and provide contact information for three references. You will then be asked to complete your self-certification form and promissory note.
  • Once you have signed your promissory note, UAS will send you a finalized loan disclosure confirming the terms of your loan. At the time that this final disclosure is delivered, your "right-to-cancel" period begins. During this period of three business days, you may cancel the loan by calling UAS at (844) 870-8701 or the Stanford Financial Aid Office at (650) 723-3058.

Receiving Your Loan Funds

Loans are generally divided evenly over the three quarters of the academic year and do not include the summer quarter of STEP. If your promissory note is complete, your loan funds will be applied to your University bill a few days prior to the beginning of each quarter. If the quarter has already begun, you can monitor your loan disbursements in AXESS.

Note: your loan funds cannot be credited to your bill before the end of the "right-to-cancel" period.

Updated on March 6, 2024 10:07 AM