Statement of Policies

Information Sharing

As a condition of accepting scholarship funds from Stanford University, you automatically give permission for Stanford to share certain information about you with the donor(s) of your scholarship, including the heirs of deceased donors.

Specifically, you give permission to release to donors your full name, hometown and major(s). You may be contacted by the Stanford Office of Development with a request that you send a letter of thanks to your scholarship donor; however, you are not required as a condition of your scholarship to comply with this request.

The Financial Aid Office does not provide copies of application documents to anyone other than the signatory of the requested document. If you would like copies of your parents' application documents, you must ask your parents to send a written release to the Financial Aid Office, specifying which of their documents can be released to you. Similarly, if your parents request copies of documents that contain your information, you must first sign a written release. Your parents' financial information cannot be discussed with you unless they have provided us with written authorization to do so.

Updated on October 18, 2023 6:00 AM