Graduate Aid at Stanford

Considerations for Undocumented Students

Stanford is committed to a welcoming and supportive environment for all students, faculty, staff and scholars, and it provides services and support to them without regard to their immigration status, religion, nationality, ethnicity or other characteristics.

Undocumented at Stanford provides updated information and resources for undocumented members of the Stanford Community.  There you can find information about the University’s current activities in support of the undocumented community members and those covered by DACA. 

If you have concerns or questions related to your DACA status, the central point of contact at the University is the Dean of Students Office at The staff can coordinate with other resources on campus to help you navigate the complex circumstances that may be involved including those around financial questions.

Students with current DACA status are eligible for employment and can receive support from their departments through research and teaching assistantships. Those who do not have current permission to work in the US can only be funded by fellowships.

Undocumented students with or without DACA status are not eligible for federal student loans offered through the Financial Aid Office.  There are private student loan options available in some situations.  Many private loan providers will lend to international and undocumented students if you have a US citizen who is willing to be your cosigner.  A cosigner is someone willing to act as a co-applicant and be legally responsible for the loan if you end up missing payments.  Eligibility is based on the credit-worthiness of the cosigner.  Additionally, there are a few options available for students without a cosigner or any credit history:  MPower Financing and Prodigy Finance.

All Stanford graduate students are eligible for the Stanford Support Programs offered by the University.  Although these programs cannot serve as primary support for standard student expenses, they are available as supplemental support for those dealing with challenging financial situations.

Updated on January 19, 2022 1:44 PM