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Undergraduate Stipend Request

The Financial Aid Office processes stipends requested by departments for purposes such as a token payment to recognize a student for a one-time event, support for a project, or assistance in paying one time charges that have not yet been covered by financial aid such as program fee, early housing arrival fee and other similar charges. Hourly pay, regardless of the duration of the position, should be processed via payroll.

Before requesting stipends, please review the Definitions and Distinctions section of Administrative Guide Policy 10.1.1 to ensure that your stipend request meets university guidelines.


  • If the student is a current student-athlete, please contact the Compliance
    Services Office at stanfordcompliance@stanford.edu prior to submitting a stipend request.
  • Instruct your student(s) to sign up for direct deposit in Axess.
  • Stipend amount must be in whole dollars.
  • List all PTAs to be used to pay student.
  • Students receiving multiple payments must be submitted individually.
  • Indicate if student is non-matriculated.
  • Changes to, or questions about, previous requests must be submitted to
UG Stipend Request Form

Stipend requests for multiple students

Updated on August 26, 2022 3:33 PM