How Aid Works

Estimate Cost

Use our interactive calculators to estimate how much financial aid you may be eligible to receive and what your overall cost to attend Stanford University would be.

  • Results are dependent on the accuracy and completeness of the information entered and intended to provide only a general guide to your eligibility for financial aid.
  • Any award is not guaranteed by Stanford and is meant to be an indication of the aid you may be eligible to receive.  Stanford’s Financial Aid Office is the final authority for determining the family contribution and any financial aid award.
  • This is not an application for financial aid.  Your information will not be retained or transmitted to Stanford in any way.
  • The Quick Cost Estimator is based on data from the prior year and gives you a range of actual awards students received based on the parameters that you enter. The Net Price Calculator gives you a more in depth estimate based on the formula we based awards on for the current class. 

MyinTuition Quick College Cost Estimator

For a quick, ballpark estimate of your cost, use this MyIntuition Quick College Estimator.

Net Price Calculator

For a more in-depth estimate, use this Net Price Calculator.

Updated on March 31, 2022 3:15 AM