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University Loan Forms

You are encouraged to first consider borrowing federal student loan funds for which you are eligible before applying for a university loan. Please keep in mind the following facts about federal loans:

  • Federal student loans are required by law to provide a range of flexible repayment options, including, but not limited to, income-based repayment and income-contingent repayment plans, and loan forgiveness benefits, which other student loans are not required to provide.
  • Federal direct loans are available to students regardless of income.

Students who wish to borrow University loans (institutional loans) must review an Application and Solicitation Disclosure Form. Students in the School of Medicine (M.D. program) will receive their disclosures as part of the SignMyLoan process, so they can skip Step 1. All other students should complete Steps 1 and 2 below.

Step 1:  View Loan Application and Solicitation Disclosure

Please follow the link for your loan type as shown on your financial aid notification in Axess. Please carefully review the Application and Solicitation Disclosure form. You may print or download a copy for your records.

Step 2: Complete Your Promissory Note

You will receive an email message from SignMyLoan.com, our loan processing agency, with instructions for completing your promissory note and related requirements online at SignMyLoan.com. Once you log-in to your account, you will be guided through these requirements, including the Self-Certification form.

Students sometimes have questions about how to complete Section 2 of the Self-Certification form. You can find the values for A and B on your financial aid notification. The value for item A is shown on your financial aid notification as "Total Expenses." For item B, subtract the amount of your institutional loan from the amount shown for "Total Financial Aid" (undergrads) or “Total Financial Support” (grad students). If you have questions, please contact our office.

You must accept the loan in AXESS and complete all of the requirements at SignMyLoan.com before your loan funds can be disbursed. Please contact the Stanford Financial Aid Office if you have any questions.

Updated on August 31, 2022 3:31 PM