Cardy the Tree Chatbot

Finding answers to your financial aid questions is as easy as one, two, “tree”!

Cardy the Tree
  1. Click on the icon or box at the bottom right on financial aid pages. The box will expand.
  2. Ask your question, one at a time please, on the line provided and click “Send.”  (Examples: “When is the financial aid deadline?”, “How do I apply for financial aid?”, “How much aid can I get?”)
  3. Follow Cardy’s prompts to get suggested answers to your questions.

Chatbot Special Features

  • To change the language, click on the globe on the upper right hand corner of the chatbot box and choose your language (English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese or Vietnamese are currently available).
  • Use the Suggestions to see suggested questions related to your inquiry. These suggestions may phrase your question in a way that Cardy can better understand.
  • To download a transcript of your conversation, click to expand the box and click on the three circles on the top right hand corner. Select “Download Transcript” and it will automatically download as an HTML file.
  • To clear the conversation when you are done, click on the three circles on the top right corner. Select “Clear Conversation” and Cardy will forget what you were chatting about.
  • Cardy cannot access your personal account or information.  However, it can help you to navigate all of the information on the site (and there is a lot!). Cardy uses artificial intelligence and learns more with every question that you ask. You may, of course, still contact us to ask your specific questions.